Top 8 Most Popular Employee Requests: Insights for Effective Ticketing Tool and Helpdesk Management

August 13, 2023
Employee support is the backbone of a productive and harmonious workplace. Ensuring that employees' needs are met promptly and efficiently is crucial. One of the key tools in achieving this goal is a robust ticketing tool. By identifying and addressing the most common employee requests, organizations can streamline ticket management, expedite ticket resolution, and create more efficient helpdesk workflows. In this article, we'll explore the top 8 most popular employee requests, provide real-world examples, and demonstrate how effective ticketing tools can be utilized to meet these needs.

1. Password resets

Forgotten passwords are a common challenge in the modern workplace, leading to frequent support requests. A robust ticketing tool can automate password reset requests, reducing the IT team's workload and expediting ticket resolution.
Example: John, a sales executive, forgets his email password and can't access his important messages. He submits a ticket through the helpdesk system. The ticketing tool automatically generates a request to reset his password, and John receives a temporary password via email, allowing him to regain access to his account quickly.

2. Technical issues

Technical glitches and hardware/software problems are part and parcel of modern work life. A well-designed ticketing tool categorizes technical issues, routes them to the appropriate teams, and offers real-time communication to expedite ticket resolution.
Example: Sarah's computer suddenly freezes, disrupting her work. She submits a ticket describing the issue. The ticketing tool categorizes it as a hardware problem and assigns it to the IT support team. IT technicians use real-time chat within the tool to communicate with Sarah, diagnose the problem remotely, and guide her through the necessary troubleshooting steps.

3. HR inquiries

Employees often seek answers to HR-related questions, from benefits inquiries to policy clarifications. Integrating HR support within the ticketing tool ensures that HR inquiries are promptly addressed.
Example: Michael has questions about the company's parental leave policy. Instead of sending an email to HR, he submits an HR inquiry ticket through the helpdesk system. HR specialists review the ticket, provide a detailed response within the tool, and attach relevant policy documents, ensuring a clear and documented resolution.

4. Onboarding assistance

New hires require guidance and support during the onboarding process. Predefined workflows within the ticketing tool can automate onboarding tasks, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for new employees.
Example: Emma, a newly hired marketing associate, needs access to various tools and platforms as part of her onboarding process. HR initiates an onboarding workflow through the ticketing tool, which automatically generates tasks for IT to set up her accounts, facilities to assign a workspace, and HR to schedule orientation sessions. This automated process ensures Emma's seamless onboarding.

5. Access permissions

Employees frequently require access to specific systems or resources. Ticketing tools with access management capabilities can automate access requests, ensuring proper permissions are granted without delays.
Example: David, a project manager, needs access to a sensitive database for an upcoming project. Instead of sending multiple emails, he submits an access request ticket. The ticketing tool triggers an approval workflow, routing the request to his supervisor and the data security team. Once approved, David receives the necessary permissions, and his access is updated swiftly.

6. Training and development

Employees seek opportunities for skill development and training. The ticketing tool can facilitate requests for training programs and resources, streamlining the learning and development process.
Example: Lisa is interested in attending a leadership training program. She submits a training request ticket, specifying the program and its benefits. HR receives the request, evaluates its alignment with Lisa's role and career path, and approves her participation. The ticketing tool then assists in enrolling Lisa in the program and tracking her progress.

7. Facilities and workspace requests

Employees may need assistance with office facilities, desk assignments, or remote workspace arrangements. Facilities and workspace requests can be efficiently managed through the ticketing tool, with automated workflows for allocation and maintenance.
Example: Alex needs a standing desk to accommodate his back pain. He submits a workspace request ticket, specifying his requirements. The ticketing tool assigns the request to the facilities team, which reviews the request, procures the standing desk, and coordinates its setup in Alex's office, all while maintaining a record of the request's progress.

8. Expense reimbursements

Employees require assistance with expense reports and reimbursements. Ticketing tools can simplify the expense reimbursement process by automating approval workflows and tracking requests.
Example: Emily travels for a client meeting and incurs expenses. She submits an expense reimbursement ticket, attaching receipts and expense details. The ticketing tool routes the request to her manager for approval. Once approved, the finance team processes the reimbursement, and Emily receives her funds directly to her bank account, all while maintaining transparent records of the entire process.

Understanding and efficiently addressing the top 8 most popular employee requests is fundamental to providing exceptional employee support. By leveraging a robust ticketing tool with integrated workflows, organizations can optimize ticket management, expedite ticket resolution, and enhance the overall helpdesk experience for employees. This proactive approach not only boosts employee satisfaction but also empowers support teams to deliver more efficient and effective support, ultimately contributing to a more productive and harmonious workplace.

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